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Epoxy Countertops of the Highest Quality in Carson City

The counter top of your bathroom, kitchen or bar serves as the focal area and gathering point of any room within your home. This is why so many Carson City residents utilize our countertop epoxy services to make improvements to their homes. We see your countertop as an opportunity to create something unique; With endless design options that we have at our disposal, we'll transform it into an attractive piece. As time passes, countertops are worn-down and discolored. In Reno Epoxy Flooring, we can restore these old countertops with epoxy coatings to create a stunning display of the old countertops. Our highly skilled installers throughout Carson City specialize in quickly creating and applying flawless epoxy coatings in a matter of minutes and with ease.


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Unique Appearance

The way things are today, most bathrooms and kitchens have similar materials, which create a similar appearance. Epoxy coatings create a distinctive design by being able to be customized according to your personal preferences and taste and can be the focal point of any room. The endless design options and the capability to make cheap materials look luxurious makes epoxy a fantastic to create countertops that are of the highest standard.


Non-Toxic and Food Safe

Reno Epoxy Flooring ensures all its epoxy countertop products employed in installations at Carson City are free from harmful substances that can be harmful to your health and are food safe.


Easy Maintenance

One of the most important aspects to consider when selecting countertops is their maintenance ease. Epoxy countertops stand apart for they are easy to maintain with normal water, or any of the other cleaning products readily available without problem. Their non-porous surface protects against chemical, mold and dust accumulations. They are also chemical-resistant and heat-resistant and dustproof.


Highly Durable Finish

Epoxy countertops have extremely long-lasting surfaces. This makes it easier for the countertops to ward off germs on the grout lines or surface as opposed to other alternatives available to us, as well as being able to withstand temperatures from pots and pans without leaving marks or damages leaving marks or damage behind. Additionally, cutting is able occur without leaving scratches as time passes.



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F.A.Q.s Regarding Our Epoxy Countertop Services

What Exactly is Epoxy Made of?

Epoxy is a durable hard plastic produced from an on-the-spot mixture of resin and hardener. We can add dyes to create your desired visual style before pouring it out on your countertop. It hardens after a day or two and you can get to cooking or mixing drinks again.

How Much Do Epoxy Countertops Cost?

While you’ll be paying more than cheap finishings like laminate or plastic, epoxy offers unlimited design options and addons that determine your quote. However, they are the most affordable option if you need a countertop that looks luxurious.

Are Epoxy Countertops Only for Kitchens?

No, our epoxy countertops fit well into your bathroom and bars as well, whether you want to install a new one or refinish an old one.

What Are Your Design Options?

Epoxy is incredibly versatile, and you can implement any type of pattern, color scheme, or texture you want.