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Customized Retail Flooring in Reno, Sparks, Tahoe, Truckee, and Carson City

In today’s competitive retail industry, selling quality products isn’t enough. Your customers must find your store, mall, or boutique aesthetically pleasing to want to keep returning to buy more. Although most retailers know this, they often ignore the floors. And that is your opportunity to shine with some attractive retail epoxy floor coatings. 

At Reno Epoxy Flooring, our epoxy coatings for retail stores aren’t just alluring. They are also affordable, highly durable, and easy to maintain without waxing or buffing.  No matter the size of your retail outlet, we will help you design an exclusive epoxy flooring system that matches your brand and budget. 

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Why Coat Retail Floors with Epoxy?

Elegant, Customizable Appearance

Epoxy floors in retail settings are an easy way to impress your customers. Your space will stand out as uniquely as the products you’re displaying on them. What’s more? You can fully customize the already aesthetically appealing floors with brand elements like your brand colors, patterns, and logo. 

It Withstands Wear and Tear

We use commercial-grade epoxy flooring coatings so your floor can withstand any amount of foot traffic and heavy machinery you might throw at it. It can also handle extreme temperatures and harsh environments better than other floors. In short, you won’t be thinking of a new floor anytime soon. 

Easy To Maintain and Clean

Cleaning retail floors should be as easy and fast as possible so as not to disturb shoppers. It should also be cheap to reduce costs in the long run. Unlike other floors that require waxing, stripping or re-polishing, epoxy-coated floors only need daily wiping or swabbing. They are chemical and dust resistant as well, so they don’t stain easily.

Safe For Staff and Customers

We ensure that your epoxy concrete floor is free of defects, bleed through, and crevices so your customers and staff will always be safe. Our retail epoxy flooring projects in Reno, Sparks, Tahoe, Truckee, and Carson City always incorporates slip-resistant coating to prevent accidents.

Common Places to Install Commercial and Retail Epoxy Flooring
Car Washes
Auto Dealerships
Mom and Pop Stores
Lifestyle Centers
Take Your Retail Floors To The Next Level
FAQs About Retail Epoxy Flooring Services
How Long Does It Take to Install Retail Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy coatings cure fast over a couple of days maximum. We only use odorless materials for minimal business disruption, so if you want, you can keep doing business while we upgrade your floors.  

Is Retail Epoxy Flooring Safe and Hygienic?

Yes, they are environmentally safe and can be easily sanitized. We also ensure all our retail epoxy flooring in Reno, Sparks, Tahoe, Truckee, and Carson City include slip and skid prevention systems. 

Can I Install Epoxy Floors in Commercial and Industrial Buildings?

Yes, we use commercial and industrial-grade coatings for any flooring project outside residential areas. These coatings can withstand tons of impact without chipping away, cracking, or peeling for many years and are chemical resistant. 

Why Choose Us for Your Retail Epoxy Flooring Project?

We only use premium epoxy materials and supplies so you can get the best durability and appearance out of your epoxy floors. We don’t disrupt your business, and we handle all projects professionally within your time frame.